Código de Conduta // Code of Conduct

Foto: Dispositivo_Electrónico_da_Nova_Ordem_Código_de_Conduta_Paulo_Moreira_Kiluanji_Kia_Henda


The Nation Room

Welcome to the Nation Room – Embassy of No Land. All visitors are expected to observe the same high standard of probity and integrity. All visitors are required to observe a Code of Conduct during their stay in the Nation Room – Embassy of No Land, incorporating the following key principles: legality, impartiality, tranquillity, transparency, exemption, civility, responsibility. All visitors must adopt a moral and civic posture, as manifest in the Constitution of the Nation. All visitors must carry a valid identification card, whether members of political parties, media organs, religious entities, or civilians. All visitors must follow official protocols, respect queues and avoid taking any action without giving prior notice to the representatives of the Nation. All visitors should refrain from the use of indecorous language or actions which may lead or incite other visitors to commit acts of intimidation. All visitors must refrain from transmitting or posting messages of incitement to hatred and violence. All visitors must refrain from promoting campaigns of any kind within the Nation Room – Embassy of No Land. Visitors must not interfere in matters which concern the representatives of the Nation. All visitors should be aware of this Code of Conduct. Any doubts and omissions arising from the interpretation and application of this Code of Conduct are to be resolved by the representatives of the Nation and the forces of law and order.